About Me

The above picture was taken right before my husband and I started Keto. I was 26 weeks pregnant and newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I had been eating low carb paleo for three years due to autoimmune issues and multiple miscarriages, so why did I have gestational diabetes? I was surprised to find out it's hormone based, and somehow related to the baby's placenta.

I went keto that week, in August of 2017--and my husband joined me. We have not looked back since! He is down 30 pounds as of February 2018, and I had a great pregnancy with no weight gain (and no loss) that resulted in the birth of my little girl in January. I was able to use keto to manage my gestational diabetes and not to need insulin or medication.

I am now pursuing the keto lifestyle full time and, because we are dairy free right now, decided to start a blog after finding very little dairy free keto support online.

Here are our before and after pictures! (2016 is the before -2017 after) My husband lost 70 pounds. I didn't lose anything but I feel great and had a great diabetes free pregnancy.

Want to know more about me? You can find my personal blog here.

I took a break being keto for around 8-10 months but am back on the keto diet in 2019 due to type two diabetes symptoms.